Indulge at a Chocolate Shop in Logan, Utah
September 19, 2019

Indulge at a Chocolate Shop in Logan, Utah

Did you know that Americans eat 6,000 pounds of chocolate every minute? If you would like to enjoy a sweet treat, the best chocolate shops near our North Logan apartments include:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

What began in the historic town of Durango, Colorado, is now found around the world. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers nearly 300 chocolates and other delicious confections. The master chocolate maker develops the recipes, and visitors at the Logan location can watch as the fudge is prepared by hand. The selection ranges from old fashioned treats to upscale gifts. Along with the fudge, other choices include chocolate dipped pretzels, birthday cake chocolate bars, and miniature truffles. 

Bluebird Candy Co.

A local favorite since 1914, the Bluebird Candy Co. offers the finest hand-dipped candies in Utah. The candy makers are proud to use the finest ingredients. They make the centers fresh daily, giving each one a signature for identifying your favorites. Some of the recipes have remained unchanged 100 years, and new, modern treats have been added along the way. The shop is found inside an old building that was once two structures connected by an alley. It's believed to have once been a saloon and perhaps even a bowling alley. Offerings include cherry cordials, nut clusters, and chocolate-covered caramels. 

Alvey's Chocolates

When Shari Alvey decided to share her family's old candy recipes, Alvey's Chocolates was born. The first location opened in Richmond, Utah, with just four candy bar flavors. The chocolatiers have their own mark, which identifies their delicious creations. They make everything by hand, and offer something for everyone. Flavors include peanut supreme, caramel almond, and double dipped mint. 

Along with these candy stores, our apartments in Logan, Utah are also near top shopping destinations and premier cultural attractions. If you're looking for a place to call home, please contact us. We'll gladly arrange a tour.