Marvel at Wildlife at Hyrum State Park
July 03, 2019

Marvel at Wildlife at Hyrum State Park

Just 23 minutes from our North Logan apartments is a popular year-round fishing and bird watching destination known as Hyrum State Park.

It's nestled in the Cache Valley, and the surrounding maple and box elder trees provide shade and a habitat for wildlife.


The reservoir is a favorite fishing destination among locals and visitors alike. Anglers can cast a line from the beach, and they may catch bluegill, yellow perch, and rainbow trout among other species. 

Bird Watching 

Bird watchers can explore the trails on foot or take a canoe trip to the reservoir's shallow marsh. Birds that may be spotted include:

Yellow-rumped warbler 

Yellow-rumped warblers are charming creatures with large heads, sturdy bills, and long, narrow tails. During the summer months, they are gray with hints of yellow on their faces and rumps. These birds catch insects mid-air and make a "tsee" call while in flight.

Bank Swallow

With chunky bodies, large heads, and slightly forked tails, bank swallows are easy to identify. They have warm brown feathers with white upperparts. These birds are typically seen in flight, which is fast and fluttery. While in the air, bank swallows make a guttural "tschr tschr" call.

Spotted Towhee

Spotted towhees feature thick bills and long tails. Males have jet-black upperparts and throats, while their wings and backs are spotted bright white. Females display the same pattern but are grayish-brown where males are black. These birds scratch leaf litter for food, and are typically found in shrubby habitats with thick undergrowth. Spotted towhees have "mew" call, and it's made while foraging. 

Hyrum State Park is just one of the premier outdoor attractions near our apartments in Logan, Utah. If you're considering calling our community home, please contact us. We will arrange a private tour where you can see our community firsthand.