Go Hatchet-Throwing in Logan, Utah
May 02, 2019

Go Hatchet-Throwing in Logan, Utah

If you look back at pictures of people in the stone age, one tool you will always see is a homemade hatchet without a handle. Their hatchets were used for killing animals for food, and breaking apart wood. Hatchets evolved to a fighting tool in hand-to-hand combat as handles were added. Historians do not agree whether hatches were actually thrown in combat. Some state that the weapon was too valuable to throw away not knowing if it could be retrieved. Other historians say multiple hatchets were thrown randomly to intimidate the enemy.

Throwing Competitions

Historians agree that hatchet throwing competitions started with the frontiersmen in North America. These men would set up a tree trunk or some other target and test their skill and strength by seeing who could hit the target. The competitions have evolved over the years. Nowadays, we have modern hatchet throwing facilities where people can test their skill and strength.

Heber Hatchets

You will want to check out Heber Hatchets located near our apartments in Logan, Utah. Here you can rent a modern hatchet made of steel and test your ability to hit a target by throwing the hatchet. Don't worry, the hatchet range is set up similar to a gun range with safety measures in place. You can bring family and friends and have a friendly competition to see who can hit the target the most times. If you would like, they will even take time to show you some of the best and most accurate ways to throw the hatchet. This is a unique business in Logan, so you probably want to ensure your next luxury apartment home is close by.

Four Seasons

At Four Seasons luxury apartment homes, we want to make sure you find the perfect home near places like Heber Hatchets. We love to help people discover Logan and all our city has to offer. JustĀ contact us today and let us help you.