Sip Customized Soft Drinks at Swig N Sweets
October 18, 2018

Sip Customized Soft Drinks at Swig N Sweets

For the fizziest, most flavorful drinks around, stop by Swig N Sweets. A Logan hotspot, Swig N Sweets offers a fully customizable soft drink menu, homemade cookies, and delicious boba tea. Best of all, this drive-through drink station is located only minutes away from the Four Seasons apartment community. Discover why Swig N Sweets is a must-visit near our apartments in Logan, Utah.

Drink Mix-ins

The Swig N Sweet experience is simple, fun, and tasty! Simply choose your drink "base" - one of the many popular soft drink flavors on their menu, from Coke to sparkling water. Then choose to add however many mix-ins that you wish from their menu of options. You can add flavorings like blackberry, tiger's blood, watermelon, green apple, guava or butterscotch, fresh fruit, purees, or cream to your drink, in order to create your perfectly customized beverage. Swig N Sweet offers a variety of sugar-free options as well, so you can still indulge even if you are watching what you consume.

Snacks and Sweets

It goes well beyond soft drinks at Swig N Sweets. Their perfectly traditional selection of boba teas and smoothies ensure that there's something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. The cookies at Swig N Sweets are truly addictive, with flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal, coconut, sugar, and their signature "dirtball" cookie - a rich chocolate cookie with chocolate frosting. You can also choose to add frosting to any of their plain cookies for a little extra boost of sweetness. Check out their full menu on their website and plan your visit to Swig N Sweets!

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