Logan's Best Hiking Trails
June 07, 2018

Logan's Best Hiking Trails

With a medley of challenging and intermediate trails, Logan is the perfect home for the avid hiker.

If you're looking to dust off your hiking boots, check out these three trails located near our apartments in Logan.

Wind Cave

Wind Cave is located in the Canyon Mouth area and as its name suggests this four mile trail ends at the Wind Caves. The caves are a beautiful sight to behold and well worth enduring the steeper parts of the trail. According to Hiking Trails of Logan Canyon, you're going to be starting from an elevation of 5,100 feet and climbing 980 feet before you reach the caves.

Crimson Trail

If you're not too tired after the Wind Cave Trail stick around in the Canyon Mouth area and check out the Crimson Trail. This six-mile-round-trip boasts beautiful wildflowers and amazing views of the Cache Valley and Logan Canyon. The steepness and starting elevation are very similar to Wind Cave. You start at 5,200 feet and climb 1,000 feet.

Jardine Juniper

Located further east towards the Tony Grove area is Jardine Juniper Trail. This trail is a 11.6 miles round trip, so make sure you have enough time to complete it before starting. If you do decide to trek this trail you will get a prize at the end--the oldest known Rocky Mountain juniper tree, estimated to be over 1,500 years old!

There are plenty of additional trails to investigate in the Logan area, but if you want a more permanent place in Logan to lay your head, contact us and we'd be happy to give you a tour.